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Product details: EzeeFood's Chicken Rendang RTE / MRE Food (180g)

Chicken Rendang; Masakan tradisi Malaysia, Rendang yang terkenal diseluruh dunia merupakan hidangan yang diperkaya dengan santan bersama rempah ratus asli asia tenggara.

Malaysia’s very own traditional dish, Rendang with rich coconut flavor and a blend of Southeast Asian spices.

- Condition: New - Primary Ingredients: CHICKEN, COCONUT MILK, LEMON GRASS, GALANGAL & SPICES

- Serving Pax: 1 - 2 Person

- Serving Mode: Hot

- Certification: HALAL, HACCP, GMP & MESTI

- No Added Substances: No MSG, No Coloring And No Preservative

- Allergen: Peanuts, Nuts & Dairy - Preparations: Hot: Dip Into Boiling Water Or 1 Min Microwave

- Shelf Life: 18 Months

- Country of Origin: Malaysia - Storage: Store In Cool & Dry Place

- Suitable for: Travelers, Backpackers, Jungle / Mount Trekkers, In-Flight, Office Pantry, Pilgrims, Campsites, Mass Events, Hamper Gift, Army

EzeeFood™ a brand name owned by SyedFood® has over 40 years of experience in Malaysian F&B and Mass Catering industry.SyedFoods® is a futuristic vision of Syed Group in F&B business. For over a decade, SyedFoods® had catered to more than 40 Million In-flight passengers around the world.

Today SyedFood® is supporting Leading and Award Winning Airlines, Private jets, Hospital In-Patient, MRE manufacturing, OEM solutions, and various others. EzeeFood™ is a leading brand name in MRTE / RTE also known as Meal, Ready-to-Eat / Ready-To-Eat food industry.

A retort is a pasteurization methodology, which is commonly known as canning. At SyedFood®, Combination of Japanese technology and German Automation makes wonders in mass producing MREand RTC (Ready-To-Cook) to provide solutions for the daily needs of consumers in pouch based canning.

The group has received numerous awards and recognitions over the years and this includes being listed in the Brand Laureate, SME100, Malaysia Institute of Management (MIM), 7th Asia Pacific Super Excellence Brand awards, ASEAN outstanding awards and many more.

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