VVS Cold Pressed (Chekku) Sesame/Gingelly Oil (1Ltr)
VVS Cold Pressed (Chekku) Sesame/Gingelly Oil (1Ltr)
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VVS Cold Pressed (Chekku) Sesame/Gingelly Oil (1Ltr)

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This is a Vegetarian product.
  • Made in pure virgin sesame oil, using the traditional Indian methods of preparation.
  • Manufactured organically so that the taste and flavour is maintained
  • No Artificial colour or flavour and is Rich in vitamin E and B, and in minerals such as calcium, magnesium and phosphorus
  • Sesame oil has also been used in massage practices, due to its very powerful effects on the body and its beneficial effects on the skin.
  • Sesame oil is highly recommended by dental professionals because of a process called oil pulling, which involves putting oil in your mouth and then swishing it around before spitting it out. With sesame oil, this process has been directly linked to whiter teeth, lower levels of dental plaque, and protection against certain streptococcus mutants that can make us very ill.

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